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Exploring aspects of Research Culture: The Open Research Agenda

I've been asked to join a panel discussion about Open Research at the University of Bath . This will be part of a  week, commencing June 20 th , to celebrate and explore aspects of Research Culture at the University.  Before this, I will give an overview of my views on the open research agenda and what it means for research. This is roughly what I will say:  * * * Open and transparent practices benefit individual researchers, groups and institutions. This is beyond doubt. While there is no one size fits all, any attempt to improve the accessibility of scientific papers, data, code or materials is a step in the right direction.  Even small changes appear to have significant positive impacts in the long term. For example,  simply putting papers on pre-print servers appears to reduce the likelihood of retraction .  Open research practices including the pre-registration of analysis plans can also act as a counterweight whereby the scientific enterprise in its current form can allow for