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Apple Watch Series 2: A short review

UPDATE 4/09/2018 - The hardware failed after 18 months. Interestingly enough, a colleagues watch also failed around the same time. Unfortunately, from a build quality perspective, and like many other consumer wearables, they are simply not built to last. And so ends my Apple Watch journey. ORIGINAL REVIEW I've owned an Apple Watch Series 2 for about 8 months now and given that I have tested and written about a fair few activity trackers in the last 18-24 months, it seemed appropriate to share a few thoughts. Apple Watch Series 2 - I didn't own the Series 1 so can't really compare the two from a personal perspective. However, the Series 2 is both waterproof and has improved battery life over the first version. Health In terms of fitness trackers, it is up there with some of the best when it comes to tracking running, cycling and swimming. When running the watch reports total time, average pace, heart rate and distance travelled. Apple's own acti