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What can the marshmallow test tell us about the marketing of mobile phone contracts?

People often remark that buying into the latest technology now provides better value for money. Now old tech has certainly become more affordable. Televisions and CD players can all be bought for a fraction of what they cost 20 years ago. But these don't come under the same bracket as the latest and greatest must have new gadgets. Gaming has supposedly become more affordable than ever. Or has it? Lets compare the launch price of some consoles from 1990-2007. Prices corrected for inflation until 2009 using   After correcting for inflation, prices have actually remained relatively static and appear to fluctuate as a console embraces a significant new technology. For example, CD based systems show a spike as do those that were early adopters of Blu-Ray. I appreciate that this doesn't take into account how prices change over a consoles lifetime, but it gives a better measure of how much cash someone would have to part