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Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking now charging fees for new submissions

Charging $50 to submit a manuscript.  This is another baffling move from a journal that was already heading in the wrong direction for three reasons: (i) Editorials are all over the place. See a recent letter in response to one from last year.  (ii) The editor-in-chief is not an editor. They don't handle manuscripts or communicate with reviewers. Many reviews are definitely not worth $50 (good, bad or neutral)!  (iii) An increasing number of papers have obvious issues with basic reporting, which the journal clearly doesn't care about.  In some areas of finance and accounting, it is common to have submission fees, which are sometimes refunded following acceptance. However, this is not the norm for psychology (nor should it be).  It looks like the publisher has implemented this on the quiet (kudos to Lee Hadlington for noticing) and is presumably an attempt to handle submission loads.  The number of submissions shouldn't come as a huge surprise.  First, cyberpsychology is a