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Rosenberg self-esteem scale: SPSS Script

The Rosenberg self-esteem scale is a psychological inventory based on a 4-point likert scale and consists of 10 questions. It is used extensively to measure self-esteem across the social sciences. Below is a short script for SPSS which will help speed up the coding process.  All items should be labelled as separate numeric variables as R1, R2...etc The script computes and prints the results for all reverse-scored items and then calculates the total score.  *Part 1 - reverse scoring of specific items COMPUTE R3 = 5 - Q3. EXECUTE. COMPUTE R5 = 5 - Q5. EXECUTE. COMPUTE R8 = 5 - Q8. EXECUTE. COMPUTE R9 = 5 - Q9. EXECUTE. COMPUTE R10 = 5 - Q10. EXECUTE. *Part 2 - total score COMPUTE Rosenberg = Q1+Q2+R3+Q4+R5+Q6+Q7+R8+R9+R10. EXECUTE. *Reliability  RELIABILITY   /VARIABLES=Q1 Q2 R3 Q4 R5 Q6 Q7 R8 R9 R10   /SCALE('ALL VARIABLES') ALL   /MODEL=ALPHA.