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Digital Detox Bull**it

Following the pandemic, a monstrous number of Digital Detox self-help books are hitting the market.  Personally, I think there is a place for these kinds of books provided they aren't attempting to dish out behavioural science based entirely on a few thoughts inside the author's head.  Unfortunately, books promoting Digital Detoxes do exactly that and more.  First, they assume that technology alone is the problem*.   Technology may very well be the problem, but which bit? Many collective years have been spent studying the literature that attempts to understand links between between general technology use and harm. Alongside several milestone studies, the idea that general technology use has any tangible impact on well-being is pretty much dead in the water. Turns out that's true for large swathes of psychology and behavioural science. Bit annoying, but better to know than not know.     The whole argument can be turned on its head - a lack of access poses a greater risk to i