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The Hexaco Personality Inventory - SPSS Script

I am currently using the 60-item version of the Hexaco-PI-R personality inventory and decided to write a short script for SPSS to help speed up the coding process. I have posted it below because I couldn't find anyone else who had posted one online. All items should be labeled as separate numeric variables as hexaco1, hexaco2, hexaco3 ...etc The script computes and prints the results for all reverse scored items and then calculates and prints Factor/ Facet scores. It will also produce Cronbach's Alpha coefficients for each factor. The original scoring key for the HEXACO-PI-R can be found here . ******************************************* *Part 1 - reverse scoring of specific items *Honesty-Humility COMPUTE rhexaco30 = 6 - hexaco30. EXECUTE. COMPUTE rhexaco12 = 6 - hexaco12. EXECUTE. COMPUTE rhexaco60 = 6 - hexaco60. EXECUTE. COMPUTE rhexaco42 = 6 - hexaco42. EXECUTE. COMPUTE rhexaco24 = 6 - hexaco24. EXECUTE. COMPUTE rhexaco48 = 6 - hexaco48. EXECU

Network analysis: Where are you in my social network?

Michael Slater-Townshend  talks extensively about the merits of understanding your own and other online communities in this in this months Royal Statistical Society magazine. After following his advice, I have discovered that it is surprisingly easy to download your own Facebook data and see which of your friends form connected groups. Several apps allow you to download 'raw' Facebook data in a format that suits almost any statistical package. I used NameGenWeb . The resulting file can then be imported into a variety of statistical packages. I chose to use Gelphi  for this example. My unprocessed Facebook network looks like this... Each dot (or node) is a friend and the lines show friendship connections between each individual.  In order to make things manageable, I ran a cluster analysis to look for groups of people who are more connected to each other. This quickly produced three distinct groups. The larger circles represent clusters of 3 or more people who share