Altmetric Page Finder HTML

Altmetric collect and collate all  disparate information to provide a single visually engaging and informative view of the online activity surrounding scholarly content. This can be useful for both individual researchers and institutions who want to understand where work might be having an impact beyond citations by other academics.

However, I have spoken to a few folk recently about accessing their own (and others) Altmetric scores when they don't have access to a specific link or an Altmetric paper number. The easiest way to do this is via a short snippet of HTML that includes the DOI number of any paper.

Here is the HTML (DOI number is in bold):

Which generates the following badge and link:

This also allows for some interesting customisation options by modifying variables (e.g. type and/or mentions).

Altmetric actually provides a longer winded version of this tutorial on their own website, which can generate the code from a few drop down menus!


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