Friday, 18 March 2016

List of media coverage from recent paper: The Rise of Consumer Health Wearables: Promises and Barriers

Piwek L, Ellis DA, Andrews S, Joinson A (2016) The Rise of Consumer Health Wearables: Promises and Barriers. PLoS Med 13(2): e1001953. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001953

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Media Coverage

Media outlet/theme: BBC Radio 4
Media outlet/theme: The Telegraph

Media outlet/theme: BBC Radio Scotland

Media outlet/theme: The Independent 

Media outlet/theme: The Epoch Times

Media outlet/theme: Medical Daily

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Media outlet/theme: Lancaster University

Media outlet/theme: Science Daily

Media outlet/theme: Uncommon Wisdom Daily

Media outlet/theme: Crescent City Strength

Media outlet/theme: The Conversation (related piece)

Media outlet/theme: Medinside (related piece, German)

Media outlet/theme: Lancaster Guardian

Media outlet/theme: Netzpiloten (related piece, German)

Media outlet/theme: Cycling Active